We give intelligence to omnichannel data

Data Impact is a global analytics platform for FMCG brands.
Our clients make strategic decisions and optimize execution based on our e-store data and AI algorithms.

We make data work for you

Collect & cross

Cross-referencing online with offline data is one of our main capabilities. Our data is collected on every single point of sale which means providing a true dataset - not only a data sample.

Analyze & Visualize

We developed a 360-degree intelligence tool where you can visualize your analysis in one click. Our data undergoes a thorough cleaning process - 1 less thing to worry about for you.

Act & Report

We provide customized reporting that allows you to track the impact of your actions. Our tool has the capabilities to match the different stakes of your company: from the vision to decision-making and execution.

data impact in numbers

Billion data points
Millions products
  • Data Impact’s decision-making tool addresses our omnichannel needs. They ensure that the data from every online point of sales is collected, cleaned and retrieved easily through their tool.

    Gregoire Argand
    Head of Digital, Marketing & E-commerce, Pepsico
  • Data Impact gave us a better understanding of our online business and helped us optimize execution.              

    unilever logo
    Romain David
    Ecommerce Director, France Unilever
  • Data Impact’s team has the customer at heart. They always manage to personalize their solution to our needs. Their unique click and collect solution make them unique on the market.

    Mondelez logo
    Jérôme Vittoz
    Head of eCommerce / Digital Solution Europe at Mondelēz International