Digital commerce accelerator
for CPG brands

Data Impact's platform is for

Ecommerce and Omnichannel team CPG

Omnichannel &
ecomm teams

  • Optimize your brand’s visibility
  • Monitor your ecommerce KPIs
  • Support retailer teams in their negotiations and partnership development
Marketing & Media team CPG

Marketing &
media teams

  • Monitor your brand’s share of voice 
  • Optimize your media spend
  • Optimize product content (images, PDP, and more)
Sales and Commercial team CPG
Sales teams &
  • Increase the availability of your products and product listings
  • Analyze your categories and identify negotiation opportunities
  • Monitor NPD and local pricing strategies

The path to success with omnichannel, B2B retailers, Amazon & pure players

Gain insight into your brand activity and your competitor’s with our highly accurate, customized AI data. 


Digital shelf tool
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Why partner with us?

digital shelf insights

Rigorous & actionable insights

We’re the only data analytics provider capable of offering location-based analytics for the CPG market. We work with a complete data set – not a misleading sample. Our data is collected where consumers actually shop and it undergoes a thorough, human-validated cleaning process. 

innovation digital shelf
Constant innovation
Data Impact was born as a creative response to a need in the market. This inventiveness is always at the heart of our company culture. We invest heavily in our own technological evolution and continually update our internal processes and client offering.
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Advisory support

We provide personalized, ongoing, one-to-one support. We train clients on the use of our platform, adapt it to track the KPIs selected, give guidance on strategic decisions including retailer negotiation, and give assistance and insight whenever it’s required.


Billion data points daily

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Location based analytics CPG


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Million products

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Some of the best brands in the world have radically improved their performance with the Data Impact platform.
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