December 19, 2019
Recently, Data Impact sponsored the Online & Digital Grocery Summit in Chicago. There were many interesting keynotes at this event, focusing on the future of the FMCG e-commerce market.
Stores seem to be becoming the foundation for the e-commerce development of FMCG businesses. Creating successful omnichannel strategies has been one of the main priorities for FMCG e-commerce teams. In this post, we explain you why the Pick up and Delivery from stores will continue growing in the US.
Ratings & reviews are affecting the FMCG industry more and more. They influence consumer buying decisions and can be a growth driver for brands.
After being developed in multiple countries, the Click & Collect (known also as Pick up) channel seems to be the response of traditional retailers to pure players from France, UK to the US.
Dans un contexte de crise de la confiance vis à vis des PGC, les avis clients sont plus que jamais un facteur de réassurance pour les consommateurs et un levier de croissance pour les marques. Ils deviennent de plus en plus incontournables dans les stratégies e-commerce.