Weekly update on e-commerce drives in UK

The current Covid-19 crisis that has been affecting the entire planet is proving to have a significant impact on e-commerce. 

In recent weeks, more and more countries have accepted strict containment measures to deal with the current situation. A food storage phenomenon is observed around the world for certain food categories and products. The current situation is challenging the whole market: physical outlets are overcrowded, most shelves are emptied within few days. Drive stores have also experienced strong growth in demand as customers turn to alternative outlets to replace their habits. 

The structures of the drives are adapted to their usual demand and not to the current growth in demand e-commerce platforms of retailers are facing. Here is what is going on with the drives in the United Kingdom:

No slots available until may 19th. 

Tesco increased widely the Click&Collect and Delivery slots it’s offering since last month, they are now claiming to offer 1.000.000 slots for Click&Collect, aswell as 1.200.000 slots for home delivery each week.

Sainsbury’s are focusing on provinding goods for the prioritized customers. They added 150.000 slots for Click&Collect and delivery this week for the elderly and the disabled people, in case of extreme need, a hotline has also been implemented. Sainsbury’s is really concerned about the most fragile people.

Sainsbury’s added some Click&Collect and Delivery slots to get to 600.000 weekly total.

It takes two days to successfully access the Asda site. The first slots for delivery and Click&Collect are for may the 13th.

ASDA now has 750.000 weekly slots, linked to a new service of pharmacy product delivery for the most vulnerable customers.

Only few slots available at the moment. It takes approximatly 3 minuts to access the e-shop.

 They are trying to set up a better system with more slots, and they teamed up with Deliveroo to offer more delivery possibilities with around 70 producs.

Morrisons are improving their new food box service containing a set a day to day products which you can find here aswell as special boxes to prepare for Ramadan. 

No slots available at the moment, they have a priority list for the elderly or disabled people.

Slots are made available 24h in advance, leaving the non prioritized customers book them after any people from the priority list.

Data actualized on the 04/29/2020

Contentsquare presented an excellent overview of the impact of Covid-19 on online consumer behaviour. The FMCG industry in the United Kingdom is experiencing a -61% growth in online transactions over the last week (ending 3/22) compared to the reference weeks. At the same time, online traffic is growing by +224%. The UK is dealing with a lack of human resources to address consumer demand. Supermarkets are overwhelmed.

The main categories that have experienced the greatest development are soap, fruits, eggs, cleaning products, etc.


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