Weekly Analysis:
UK e-Retail Media analysis at ASDA

You’re looking at a series of quick in-house-made e-Commerce analyses that we post weekly on our LinkedIn page.
The results come from our data that are collected at every e-point of sale and analyzed by our consultants. 
Every week, we pick a different retailer in a different country, focusing on a specific online category to offer you a detailed outlook on the FMCG omnichannel. 

Halloween is around the corner and US retailers are ready!

Focus on banners at Asda, UK: The number of banner days in the online household category strongly fluctuated between weeks 37 and 43 with “fabric care” leading Share of Voice.

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Weekly Analysis: UK banners analysis at ASDA

If you want to follow the UK analysis sheets that comes out twice a week on our linkedin page, you should have a look Here. 

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