digital shelf hero image

The digital shelf and hero images

If there is one element of the digital shelf that is truly essential, it’s the hero image. This is the part of the digital shelf that allows consumers to find what they’re looking for. Optimizing this image for discoverability is key. An image carousel is still necessary, but the hero image is particularly important as it functions as the part of the product description that allows shoppers to identify a product.

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Amazon’s digital shelf versus traditional retailers

When putting together a digital shelf strategy it’s important to consider what medium you’ll be using. Like all retailers, Amazon has its own search engine criteria, and differs in other ways from bricks and clicks retailers. As Amazon is expected to capture 50% of the ecommerce market in 2021, having a dedicated digital shelf strategy is important.

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win digital shelf

How to win on the digital shelf

Winning on the digital shelf requires a clear understanding of how customers are interacting with your product’s online presence, as well as competitor’s. It also requires and understanding of the platform products appear on, as pure players like Amazon differ significantly from traditional retailers.

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