The online grocery market in Spain, Germany, Korea and Japan

As CPG ecommerce accelerates all over the world due to Covid, existing markets have influenced how individual countries adapt to the changing needs of consumers. The markets in the US, UK, France and China have all also evolved in their own way. 

In Spain, Germany, Korea and Japan CPG ecommerce is growing

In each of these countries online markets have evolved differently, with retailers like Coupang in Korea and Rakuten in Japan putting more stores online. 

Online CPG in the Netherlands

The Dutch market leader, AH, is delivery focussed. However, Jumbo offers click and collect with about 350 pick up points. In addition to new, innovative players like Picnic, traditional players like Jumbo, Coop NL, Plus, Hoogvliet and DekaMarkt all continue to make the transition to omnichannel. 

CPG ecommerce in Germany

Amazon has captured as much as 35% of the online market, however online grocery is not particularly well developed. One reason for this is that the German distribution of stores is quite high. Retailers like Rewe are adapting quickly (200 estores to 1200 estores). For beauty products retailers like DM and Rosmann are already omnichannel. 

Online grocery in Belgium

This is a small but growing market with more than 600 estores. The Belgian online model is mainly store-based fulfillment, and the main retailers are Carrefour with 283 estores, Colruyt with 229 and Delhaize with 137.

The online CPG market in Spain

Online penetration in Spain was until recently very low but the influence of Covid quickly doubled the online market. Alcampo now has 112 online stores, Carrefour, 103, Dia 83 and El Corte Ingles 70.

Omnichannel CPG in Australia

The Australian online grocery market is firmly omnichannel at this point with Woolworth’s and Coles together having more than 3 000 estores. 

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