The digital shelf:
the core of ecommerce

In a sense, the digital shelf is the centerpiece of the ecommerce universe. It is the equivalent of the physical shelf in a grocery store. 

The digital shelf: the first step in ecommerce preparation

Since everything revolves around how a product appears online, it’s important to know how to perform well there. How and where a product appears online is worthy of a lot of attention because that presentation has a direct impact on sales. 

In the current omni environment, it’s also essential that products appear consistently on every digital platform. This way the consumer experience will be frictionless. 

What exactly is the digital shelf?

Simply put, it’s how a product appears online. Unlike a product a consumer can pick up and inspect, online products need to provide all the information shoppers need to make a purchase. 

A hero image and a product name need to be immediately obvious so that customers can identify products. 

Price also needs to be clearly visible. The way these elements are presented has an impact on sales. 

Ratings and reviews and a product description are other features of the digital shelf, and they usually exist below the fold, meaning they require clicking on to open the digital page. 

The role of an online digital appearance in the shopper funnel

A well-managed online presence propels a consumer along the shopping journey. Reliable, store-based monitoring prevents out of stocks, which ensures availability. 

Good content management, packaging imagery designed for online display and SEO optimization make products more visible and attractive for purchase.

The significance of proper digital product display like hero images

As ecommerce becomes more influential, showcasing products correctly is truly important. A poorly designed and managed digital shelf simply means a loss of sales that may not necessarily be recaptured. Hero images play a significant here. When a shopper switches brands due to encountering an out of stock item or not finding the information they need about a product, they sometimes switch loyalty to the new brand because it becomes a part of their previous purchases or favorites list. 

sales growth ecommerce

The hastening shift to ecommerce will drive more than 70% of sales growth across food and beverage categories through 2022.

Ratings, reviews, and analytics: important elements of an online presence

There are many important parts of an online presence, however ratings and reviews and analytics are among them. Optimizing for visibility is an ongoing task and is absolutely essential for ensuring sales. 

There are several factors that go into how an item performs in search rankings, and those factors vary from retailer to retailer as the criteria for the algorithm are different for every online retailer site. Reliable data analytics are indispensable for assisting brands in improving visibility – which includes emedia.

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