E-commerce 2.0: Are you ready for tomorrow? How to follow digitalization

The digitalization of trade and the rise of omnichannel distribution are pushing for greater integration between off- and on-line structures. These changes will force the creation of new positions to scale and popularize the e-commerce strategy internally and externally.

Multiple team configurations to reach the omnichannel

The coordination of missions between the e-commerce team and the sales department is a sensitive point for internal organization. Who is responsible for what? How should tasks be distributed? 

Company size and its degree of commitment to an e-commerce approach appear to be decisive in the choice of a particular configuration. A move towards omnichannel is pushing for greater integration between offline and online structures responsible for managing day-to-day activities, as well as strengthening e-commerce teams, particularly those responsible for strategy, benchmarking, new projects or similar.


Activity indicators

To establish their legitimacy within the company and its partners, these teams will need strong communication skills as well as an ability to influence. They will have to consolidate their actions by setting up regular monitoring statistics such as daily price analysis, weekly assortment checks, etc. This will permit to preserve optimal responsiveness on activity indicators from different sources to identify the future steps. For example to forecast demand, to understand market share trends or to create automated reports. The team will also be responsible for carrying out specific actions to promote e-commerce topics during commercial negotiations and to maintain innovation by conducting projects in a “test and learn” mode.


“The ideal candidate will have a cross-functional vision of the business.”

In terms of human resources, digital transformation demands new types of profiles. Companies will look for a real “unicorn”, who will have not only a solid base of mastering data analysis or web expertise that goes beyond mass distribution but also a knowledge of new technologies. The ideal candidate will have a cross-functional vision of the business. 

At ease in collaborative work or project management while remaining agile, the employee will have a strong ability to communicate and influence. They will also need to be curious and able to work in a fast-paced environment. In other words, e-commerce and the online world have a significantly growing impact on expertise and business.

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