4 reasons why the Pick up & Delivery from stores will continue growing in the US

Stores seem to be becoming the foundation for the e-commerce development of FMCG businesses. Creating successful omnichannel strategies has been one of the main priorities for FMCG e-commerce teams. In this post, we explain you why the Pick up and Delivery from stores will continue growing in the US.  

167% increase in the base of online grocery shoppers within the top 3 traditional retailers. 
52% of US customers acknowledged buying some groceries online.

6000 new Pick up points offered by Walmart, Kroger and Target in just 3 years. 
80% of US population is now located within 30 miles of a Walmart grocery Pick up point.

50% cheaper on average cost of Pick up vs. Delivery from warehouse.
16% cheaper to Deliver from stores vs. Delivery from central warehouse.

Delivery services often require multiple trips if the customer is unavailable.
Deliveries will quite likely become regulated as they increase traffic, pollution and have a high cost.
Author :
Tereza Mazurova

Tereza Mazurova

Marketing Manager
Data Impact

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