Improving search performance on Amazon

Three unique analyses

What you'll find in this guide:

This brief yet insightful guide uses three analyses to show you how to improve your search ranking and share of search on AMZ. 

The first analysis looks at the precise relationship between search position and click through rate, showing you exactly what it means to occupy different positions in search.

The second analysis studies how search and product ratings are related, and has a surprise insight about very high product ratings. 

The third study provides insight into how product content feeds into A9, AMZ’s search algorithm. 

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80% of products that go in-basket appear in the top 10 results of a keyword search.

This means that appear among the first results in search is critical. Especially on Amazon, where a majority of shoppers (more than Google) begin their shopping journey. 

This ebook will help you refine your strategy for AMZ search, with it’s proprietary studies that offer insight to help your brands perform better. 

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