Weekly Analysis:
USA online serach study at Walmart

You’re looking at a series of quick in-house-made e-commerce analyses that we post weekly on our LinkedIn page.
The results come from our data that are collected at every e-point of sale and analyzed by our consultants. 
Every week, we pick a different retailer in a different country, focusing on a specific online category to offer you a detailed outlook on the FMCG omnichannel.

This week, we looked into the difference between the search results of the “laundry” keyword and the laundry taxonomy results at Walmart, US. There are strong differences between the products present in the laundry taxonomy and search results for “laundry”. Only 20% of products are matching.
analysis sheet share of search at walmart US taxonomy

Interested in more informative sheets from the american market? Here is the link of the following one we did for Walmart in the US.

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