USA: The impact of the shift to omnichannel on CPG companies

How do omnishoppers buy in the USA?

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This keynote features Joy Thorn, Senior Client Partner at Data Impact by NielsenIQ and Mark Irwin, Senior Consultant at Cadent Consulting Group. 

In this session they discuss how ecommerce is growing globally—as much as 25% in Asia.

This growth isn’t a pandemic blip, but a permanent fixture, and it’s creating increasing omnichannel complexity. This complexity is due to increasing eretail media expenditures, the significant differences between Amazon and omni retailers, challenger brands winning digital shelf space, and the overabundance of data. 

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Étude: E-retail media en France

Cette étude contient un mélange de onze analyses et sondages fait par DIbyNIQ. Les réponses du sondage était recueilli parmi nos clients et les analyses fonctionnent comme preuve de leur constates. Ensemble, ces éléments créent un benchmark sur l’état de l’e-media en France aujourd’hui.

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Amazon seller analytics

As mentioned in our previous article, 3P (third party or Seller) sales on Amazon grew 58% last year, however, Amazon offers no category-wide data on 3P activity.

Manufacturers that use Amazon are eager for this information so that they can know what their market share is, whether or not that share is growing, and how their competitors are performing.

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Amazon sales analytics

Measuring performance as precisely as possible on Amazon is of increasing interest for many CPGs.

Over the last two years 3P (third party or Seller) sales on Amazon have grown over 50%.

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