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Eretail talks, episode 3, featuring Anh-Mai Vu from Follow The Consumer.

For our third episode of Eretail talks, “Collaborating with Amazon”, we were delighted to welcome Anh-Mai Vu, Co-Founder and CCO at Follow The Consumer. 

In this episode, Anh-Mai draws on her experience working for Amazon to share ideas and strategies around best practices when dealing with the juggernaut. Anh-Mai discusses–among other things–the differences between omnichannel retailers and Amazon, how to approach negotiating with AMZ, and how best to create a visibility strategy for them. 

Anh-Mai freely shares of her valuable experience with this important retailer that has come to dominate the marketplace in such a short time. 

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Eretail talks, episode 3 – Anh-Mai Vu