Location-based analytics

Move away from sample-based analytics to accomodate the omnichannel reality.

Location based analytics

To address every ecommerce issue from distribution to the effectiveness of eretail media buys, store-specific data is absolutely essential. It is the one competitive advantage that truly matters.

Store-based ecommerce (delivery and pickup) is the fastest-growing online shopping sector. The granularity of this channel creates complexity and consequently an absence of location-specific data creates creates huge gaps in execution.

location based CPG

These gaps occur at every stage of the warehouse to the POS journey, and result in an absence of essential monitoring, performance and predictive analytics.

location based availability

Online availability: 

No way of seeing if or where products are OOS.

location based Visibility


Inability to know what share of voice products have per store, or how to improve it.

location based attractiveness


Know which of your pricing, placing and content agreements are being respected.

Common challenges our platform addresses

Location based analytics stores

Faulty insights based on samples of stores

CPG online retailers

Difficulty partnering with retailers due to relying on inaccurate data

online grocery data cleaning

Time-consuming data cleaning and loading

location based analytics impossible

Impossible execution

Competition media CPG

Limited monitoring of competitors

location based analytics automatization

No automated action or insights

Our Solution

Data Impact is the only scalable omnichannel analytics platform that provides accurate and actionable insights

Our platform provides:

platform location based analytics data impact by nielseniq

Daily geolocalized data covering 100% of all stores

Best practice human-verified data cleaning

A business tool with clear performance-improving guidance

Full category overviews

The long-standing and trusted partnership that we have with Data Impact allows us to have access to data that we don’t have internally and that is difficult to get anywhere else


Head of Ecommerce Customer Service

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Our competitive advantages


We partner with our clients to adapt our platform specifically to their needs.


Our guidance provides precise, accountable steps to address business needs and includes automated reports, scorecards and alerts.


Our clients get ongoing, personalized, expert assistance from our Customer Success Managers as well as our Client Support group. 
expertise - Data Impact


All Data Impact’s employees have deep insight into the CPG market. We regularly conduct webinars and produce content showcasing our thought leadership.
data accuracy - data impact


Our data is collected from the most precise points possible. We aggregate and clean our data daily, with human validation.
Mondelez, Unilever, Pepsico and other market leaders use our service to get the most comprehensive insight into the market available. Get in touch today and transform your ecommerce business.
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Some of the best brands in the world have radically improved their performance with the Data Impact platform.
Discover how.