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Track category-wide share of voice and effectiveness of eretail media activations. Improve your visibility.

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Go beyond simply monitoring your eretail presence to accurately measuring your ROI on media spends. Improve your visibility with clear guidelines on how to enhance rating & reviews, product imagery, product titles and content. 

Common challenges

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Limited vision of new product launches

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No store-based guidelines to optimize visibility

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No store-based guidelines for content optimization

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Lack of competitor tracking

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Absence of market share visibility

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Optimize your activity at every step of the conversion funnel.

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Media is now key to increasing visibility on retailer’s sites.

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-based analytics

Evolve away from sample-based analytics into the omnichannel reality.

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Amazon market share

Winning on Amazon starts with a close monitoring of brand performance and business drivers.

Some of the best brands in the world have radically improved their performance with the Data Impact platform.
Discover how.