Ebook: Omnichannel myth busting Pt.2

omni ebook

As the merging of off and online shopping continues, brands and manufacturers are undergoing significant digital transformation.

This process can be a challenge and CPGs need to move quickly. Learn about the challenges for brands in this ebook.

Ebook: Omnichannel myth busting Pt.1

omni myth busting

The adoption of online grocery shopping came a little later than some other industries, but it is following an established path.
What does that path look like? And what will it mean for brick and mortar? And what trends can we expect for ecommerce?

Eretail media

The current CPG omnichannel shift has potential for CPG organization, digital shelf, analytics, assortment and sales.

Exactly what forms can online media take?
How exactly can brands benefit from emedia and how? This article explains all.