Optimizing eretail visibility

optimize eretail media visibility

What are the best methods to optimize your invisibility on the digital shelf? Which levers are the most reliable and what are the best and practice methods to use them?
At the core of these considerations is the digital shelf.
The digital shelf can be defined as the organization of products and references sold by eretailers
as compared with the store shelf in which products are organized and sold physically in aisles. The consumer can navigate in an almost infinite way on the digital shelf since the number of products per page can extend indefinitely. The digital shelf is accessible to shoppers via different points of entry which are search, categories, as well as the list / memo/ favourites pages already purchased by consumers. 

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The ranking of products and their classification is done via an algorithm unique and specific to each retailer and functions through the search mode (navigation by section/department, product, category)
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